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General Information
Here's some general information about Leviathan Sapientiae, for all you general information lovers out there
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FC Decisions
Do you love randomly clicking polls? Well, here's your heaven! Though, please try to randomly click the one you agree with most, if you can.
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Officers and Elections
Think that the thrills of being an officer sounds exciting? Thrilling, even? Well, come campaign here to get elected!
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Raid Nights
Day's, time's, Who has what unlocked, and who is whit what raid group
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General ...general things

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Forum Information
Think things are too complicated with the forums? Want to know how to do stuff? Here would be a great place to start! Also, suggestions on future stuff to do with the forums, or other forum-related stuff goes here too.
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General Discussion
Don't want to talk about FISH or FF14? Well, I guess that's okay too. Here would be the place for fish talk. Please note, FISH talk isn't here, though.
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Leviathan Sapientiae news.
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Final Fantasy XIV Info Need help in Final Fantasy 14 itself? Here's the place to ask!

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Fish’s Mission statement
We Fish do more then fish, we are not just gathers, we are crafters, fighters, and cat girl lovers. Here at Fish we wish to give all players the opportunities to grow and have fun, to strive to push players limits, to make lasting bonds with each other, and to make an environment that is positive. Our goal will always be to have fun
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