Manna replied

203 weeks ago

After waiting muchly, we're finally able to sell you things for fish scales!!

Be sure to have the Seller added on your friends list so they can mail you what you want!


Riviera Half Partition - 12 000 FS
Some people live in squalor, not you. You have the Riviera Half Partition. A half wall to divide your house without making it feel cramped!
5 in stock.

Grade 3 Carbonized Matter (99) - 19 800 FS
Meld materia! What are you waiting for!!
1 in stock,

Pixie Plums (99) - 19 800 FS
3% exp! Used in CUL! When you look deep into the soft cobalt flesh of this fruit you feel an intense sense of trust. Pixie Plums will never hurt you. Hold them close to your heart.
1 in stock.

Mythril Magnifiers HQ - 15 000 FS
+20 control on a level 34 headpiece!
Thanks I'rihn!!
1 in stock.

Ice Materia I - 1 000 FS
Savage Might Materia I 2 000 FS
Vitality Materia I 800 FS
Fire Materia I 1 000 FS
Mind Materia I 1 000 FS
Quicktongue Materia I 1 650 FS
Savage Aim Materia 3 000 FS
Lots of Materia! Thanks Dio!!
1 of each in stock

Explorers Belt - 50 000 FS (50% off!!)
ilvl 52 Tank belt!! On sale!! Quick!!
Thanks Dio!!
1 in stock

Plundered Plate Belt - 3 000 FS
Get the achievement! lvl 15 tank belt!
Thanks Dio!!
1 in stock

Minstrel's Spectacles - 50 000 FS
I heard these were for "Glamour porpoises", but wait, we're not whales we're FISH!
Thanks Dio!!
1 in stock

We have a rotating inventory based on donations so check in often!

Send me a PM or Tell if there's anything you want to see in stock specifically!

Post below if you want a thing from this list!!

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Aleera Harem Master replied

203 weeks ago

Great Idea Manna, You can include me for providing Items. Just tell me what you would like. In a week or two I'll have all crafts at 50.

Dionysus Razer Warrant Officer replied

203 weeks ago

Sounds like an awesome Idea. I will regularly be donating items and soon will be donating any green items I receive from my retainers. You can add any items I post into the stock for sale.
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