So, in order to fully register with the forums, you need to link your character in FISH to Guildwork.

The first step is to go to Dashboard > Characters > Add Character to Guildwork.

Click the Game/Server and type in Exodus. In the Character Name field, type out your character's first and last name.

Guildwork now has their own walkthrough. When you scroll down to number six in their walkthrough, a code is highlighted. Copy this code.

Now go to the Lodestone in a new window or tab. (You'll need to come back to this Guildwork page in a few minutes!) In the upper right-hand corner, click the log in button.

If you have more than one character in Final Fantasy XIV, click the "Log In" button under the character that is in FISH's name.

Click the character's name under the middle section Character Profile.

Next, click the gold gear to the right of the Character Profile heading.

This brings you to a textbox. Past the code you copied earlier into the textbox, and select Confirm afterwards.

Now go back to the Guildwork page, and select Finish.

Congratulations! Your character should now be linked to Guildwork!