Hi! Quick lil tutorial post to walk you through all the exciting stuff we have to offer!

We have a Medium sized house in Mist ward 2 subdivision. The closest aetheryt is Mist Southwest Subdivision. We have 2 Large gardening beds where we usually grow krakka roots for the stables (ask an officer if you need to grow something!).

We have a Teamspeak server! Download the Teamspeak client for free and type in:
as the server and
as the password and you'll be good to go!

Here at FISH we use a currency system called Fish Scales to gauge user contributions to the guild. The chart can be accessed HERE. You can earn Fish Scales by signing up for the forums and linking your lodestone account, attending guild events and donating items and gil to the company chest. You can redeem this currency for prizes at the Fish Scale Shop on the forums (HERE). We count total earned fish scales for the sake of promotions, rather than total held, so spending fish scales won't put off your promotion

Every Monday night we do "FATE party Mondays" to help with leveling, and every Thursday is our scheduled raid night. People are generally very active on the weekends, so if you want to do some weekend raiding just shout out in the FC chat, more likely than not you'll get a full party pretty quickly!